Fashion in Action: NO FUR!

This season's T-shirts are dedicated to the millions of animals cruelly killed unnecessarily in the name of fashion.

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Lady T-shirt:
100% cotton
Sizes: S - M - L - XL
Price: 12,50€
Transport by registered post EUROPE: 3,55€, REST OF THE WORLD: 4,30€

Unisex T-shirt:
100% cotton
Sizes: S - M - L - XL
Price: 12€
Transport by registered post EUROPE: 3,55€, REST OF THE WORLd: 4,30€

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Raphael was hited by a car and left alone in the street.
Througt the intervention of Red Paw he has been fully recovered after 3 surgeries in an attempt to save his paw.
However, that was not possible and had to be amputated.
He lives now happy with his new family and makes a normal life.
This was our first case in 2008, since then many more came and found relief in our fundraising efforts, please donate and help stray animals in Portugal.
Pata Vermelha (Red Paw) is a Non Governmental Charity founded in March 2008. We aim to provide HEALTH CARE support to other Animal Associations, groups of people who protect stray animals and private people who continually protect abandoned animals or animals rescued from dangerous situations. We also provide help to people who have officially proven to have low incomes.

To do this we have a “pharmacy” and we supply free medication that Associations ask us for, this pharmacy exits thanks to private donations and from a few pharmaceutical companies.

With the profits raised from the sale of products with the Pata Vermelha brand name we sponsor the sterilization and medical treatment of stray animals.

I feel that it is our duty to give you an idea of the stray cat and dog situation in Portugal and this way justify why we need all the help we can get whether it is from inside or outside Portugal as suffering and cruelty have no boundaries:

All animal associations work without any monetary support from the government or local authorities (with the exception of a few rare and sparse contributions).
In Portugal there are no laws to protect animals, an animal is considered an object and its owner can do whatever it wants to it. The law only considers a fine if you damage the object (cat or dog) and only in that type of situation a compensation can be paid.
All Municipal kennels in Portugal (with extremely few exceptions) are slaughter houses that basically put animals whose time to be homed has run out to sleep. We are sure that some of the people who work at these kennels would like to be able to do more but the lack of support from the local authorities and a certain inertia that sometimes characterizes the Portuguese as a nation has led to the fact that no grand attitudes have been taken to change the situation in Municipal kennels.
You may think I am being tough but it is the true reality no matter how hard that is to accept.
Important note: Some Municipal kennels are making an effort to be more dynamic towards this situation but they are still such a small number in the universe of the country.

Now the most important part;

It is very simple; you can make a donation that can be used in several situations:
  • PERMANENT SUPPLY OF WORMING TABLETS (donations are used to buy worming tablets)
  • PATA VERMELHA MEMORIAL (donations are used to sponsor sterilizations and castrations)
  • HEALTH SPONSERSHIP (donations are used to buy medication for chronically ill animals)
  • ON-LINE SHOP and ON-LINE BAZAAR (with the sales profits we keep the Association running, we financially contribute to medical emergencies, sponsor sterilizations and buy urgent medication)

If you feel that this Project is a worthwhile cause please make your donation to:

  • IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4205 7780 0015 7